What We’re All About 

Looking to buy or sell your home in Utah? Live Work Play is a collaborative Real Estate Team focused on the balance of how we live, how we work and how we play. Balance in life is key to our happiness, health and wealth. We’re here to help you find that balance and influence the importance of those elements.

Everyone needs a place to Live. We want to assist you in finding that perfect space. Some may want that dream home with a large yard and white picket fence. Others may want a smaller space to dwell in. Whatever your preference may be, we’re here to help.  Utah is very diverse when it comes to living spaces.  There is a wide range of housing options available. From quaint Condos and Townhomes, Classic Ramblers and Bungalows all the way up to Luxury homes, we really do have it all.

 “Where do you work” is such a common phrase amidst conversation.  We all spend a lot of time in our work environments. Do you enjoy going to your work space everyday? If not, let’s change that! We are very knowledgeable in the three major fields of work space.  Many of us go to an Office everyday.  Many of us go to our Retail space and many of us go to our Industrial space. Whichever of those you frequent, we can assist you in finding the perfect space for your business needs.

 How do you play?  In our opinion, we live in the best state in the nation. The diversity of Utah is so great!  The outdoor life offers a little bit of everything.  We are able to experience all four seasons here in Utah.  We are obviously known for our Snow, but there are plenty of summer, spring and fall activities available as well.  Whatever it is that you like to do, just do it.  Play is a crucial element in our happiness and success.  We’ll share with you how we like to play and we ask that you do the same.

 Utah is an amazing place. Come Live, Work and Play with us!

Meet our Team

Chad Rawlins • Creator & Realtor

801.414.2115 chad@lwputah.com

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Mark Gilmore • Realtor
801.455.6714 mark@lwputah.com
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Devin Falkner • Realtor
801.712.3709 devin@liveworkplayutah.com
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Claudia Conder • Realtor

801.541.3594 claudia@liveworkplayutah.com

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Corbett Simon • Realtor

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