Foxy in Foxboro // NSL


Neighborhood: Foxboro

Address: Abbotsford

STYLE: Row-End Townhome


• 1770 Square Feet

• Three Bedroom

• Two & One Half Bathrooms

• Two Car Garage

• .01 Acre Lot

THOUGHTS: Come and see this wonderful, cozy townhome conveniently located in its community. This spacious, two level pad has a lot to offer. These owners decided to break from the norm and included tile in the main floor living area as well as many paint upgrades throughout. Also included, a new microwave, new dishwasher and new water heater. The placement here is fantastic! Did we mention that this gem has a two car garage unlike its neighbors? Come be a part of this vibrant community that boasts a lot of places to #play.

To learn more about landing the perfect space for you and yours, call CHAD.

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