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Next up in our team member series, we’re chatting with Matt Morscher! In case you missed the first post of the series, meet Mark Gilmore here. Let’s dive right in with the survey, shall we?

Matt Morscher

What is your background / experience in real estate?

I have always had a passion for investments and wealth generation. Real Estate is an essential element of that. This is what initially drew me to real estate.

A day in the life of Matt, looks like… ?

Work Days: Step 1: Homemade latte (I used to be a barista), Step 2: Work until exhausted, Step 3: Reflect and read. Play Days: Play hard: snowboarding, skiing, traveling, being out in the sun either at the park or in the mountains.

What is your favorite outdoor activity Utah has to offer?

Snowboarding and skiing. We have the best snow. period.

What is the funniest memory you have selling or showing a home?

One time I showed a house to two of my clients that was tenant occupied and the listing agent failed to let me know that the tenants would be there when we showed the house. We walked in, they said hello, and they proceeded to continue watching tv at an obscenely loud volume. That was uncomfortable, but it gets better. We try to ignore this and start looking at the bedrooms. At that point we begin to realize that there is more stains in the house than a gothic cathedral. Tables, chandeliers, glasses, lamps, plates, cabinets, everything. It was weird. We still make jokes about it. Oh, and a closet full of choir robes.

Describe your perfect Friday night.

My perfect Friday night would be going to dinner with my lady and then drinks with friends, sharing stories and laughs.

In your opinion, the best kept secret in Utah is…. ?

Me. 😉 jk. I think that the best kept secrets in Utah are some of the back country areas in the mountains. Off of the beaten path, there lies the treasure.

What is your favorite neighborhood (doesn’t have to be the neighborhood in which you reside)?

I would say that my favorite neighborhood has to be Park City. I love the atmosphere and the energy up there.

What is your favorite local spots for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (name one for each)?

Breakfast: Eggs in the City // Lunch: The Green Pig // Dinner: Takashi

Your dream home looks like… ?

I can’t just have one. I need a beachside bungalow and a mountain cabin.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to help a client?

Break into their own home.

What 5 words would you use to describe Salt Lake / Utah?

Outdoors, Unique, Creative, Adventurous, Safe.

If you could give clients one tiny piece of advice, what would it be?

Always take time to look at things from the other party’s perspective. As a seller, what would you want as a buyer? Taking inventory of what the other party desires will give you a significant advantage in pricing, presentation, and negotiation. A higher net result every time.

What was the most difficult deal you’ve ever closed?

A commercial lease agreement that was disputed over the period of several months. In the end, I had advised my clients well, documented everything to the point of excess, and was able to extinguish an illegitimate claim made by the landlord. My client is happily running his business in a different location and continues to refer new clients to me because of my effort and expertise in negotiating his lease.

Lastly, what is your favorite thing about being an agent at Live Work Play?

My favorite thing about being an agent at Live Work Play is that I am surrounded by exceptional, like-minded agents. We are professional, we work diligently on behalf of our clients, and we take advantage of all the fun that life has to offer.

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