Lower Millcreek Beauty


Neighborhood: Millcreek

Address: 3174 S. 800 E.

STYLE: Tri-Level Bungalow


• 2094 Square Feet

• Four Bedroom

• Two Bathroom

• Two Car Garage

• .14 Acre Lot

THOUGHTS: Classy, convenient and capacious are just a few words to describe this gem! You’ll love its location centered between Sugarhouse, Brickyard and Millcreek. This cozy abode has been extremely well taken care of and with spring right around the corner, it is ready to be utilized that much more. The backyard is nice and private with a patio at the end of the yard. The garage speaks for itself and the setting is spectacular. Come tour it today. You’ll fall in love right away!

To learn more about landing the perfect space for you and yours, call CHAD.

// 801.414.2115 • chad@lwputah.com //

Chad 1:27


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