From Under Contract to Sold

We all know that the internet has made it A LOT easier to shop for homes these days. Multiple sites offer features from tours, videos, neighborhood walk-throughs, even how to offer online. We don’t shun away from these tools, but make sure you step back and really look and the big picture before impulsively jumping into something you’re going to regret. We here at Live Work Play have dialed in our process to make things go smoothly… but more importantly, safely for you through the selling and buying process so that you are very well aware of what you’re getting yourself int0.

Below is a breakdown of our process as well as some relatable scenarios and stories we’ve gathered over the years.

  • First off- We’re going to set you up with the most accurate, up-to-date search engines so that you’re not wasting time looking at property that’s not even available (thank you Zillow).  We’ll review these with you daily, if not hourly to see what fits for you that day. This also helps keep us keen on our market knowledge. For sellers, we’re going to walk you through our preliminary marketing steps and get you ready for staging, photo and video production. In some scenarios we’ll include a 5-point inspection with one of our certified inspectors to ensure that nothing “shocking” comes up during the buyer’s due diligence period.
  • Secondly- We’ll provide both buyers and sellers with a professional Market Analysis along with market stats to ensure the property is priced correctly, all things considered. Consider this- you may be similar in most aspects to the same home on your street, but what core improvements have been made, what upgrades have been made? Is the kitchen new, nice and functional, what about the bathrooms, flooring, paint color, windows, the list goes on. All of these need to be considered in price when buying and selling. Are you going to make necessary and/or cosmetic improvements? Something to think about..
  • Third- For sellers we will actively market the property once we’ve agreed on list price and gathered all of our marketing material. Presentation is EVERYTHING and we want to make sure we’re fully prepared so we can kill it on our first impression! With buyers, let’s negotiate and get you Under Contract!! This is where it gets fun
  • Fourth- We’ve agreed on a price with the other side and we’re ready to thoroughly diagnose the house. For sellers, we’ve already done a bit of this but the buyer will have a few weeks of time to dig-in and find out as much as they want about the house. We’ve been through this process sooo many times that we know what to look for and what’s reasonable to negotiate as a ‘repair’ between both sides. I few things to consider:
    • Did you know that clay and transite sewer lines only have a life expectancy of 70 years? There was a big boom of housing and lines being installed in the ’40s-50s. So, what do that mean? Time for replacements left and right.
    • Did you know that by code, you’re only allowed two layers of asphalt shingles on a roof? The other day we saw a home with four! 
    • Did you know that a lot of homes in Utah still have knob and tube wiring in them and those are one of the main causes for fire?
  • Fifth- We’re always going to take the time to meet with contractors, subcontractors, architects, designers, you name it… to assess anything you would like. For buyers, if you’re looking to do renovations on your new home, let us line you up with our team members. For sellers, if you need a contractor to come by for repairs, replacements, or “fix-ups” we have a very long list of trusted trades people to call on.
  • Sixth- We’re going to stay in constant contact with the lending side for both buyers and sellers to ensure that they’re meeting their timelines and that the appraisal value matches up with the purchase price. In a hot market, like we’re seeing now, it’s not common for appraisal but come in low, but it does happen. We’ll either attest the value, or negotiate with the other side to match it. That can be a very stressful situation but it’s something we’ve worked through many times.
  • Seventh- Oh, you need to move huh!? Do you have arrangements? We have multiple companies that we work with and have even purchased POD containers for our clients in the past. We also have access to trucks and box trucks to help when we can. We’ve all lifted a washer or dryer up a few flights of stairs before. Moving is stressful, but we all know the reasons we do it.
  • Eight- It’s time for settlement! We’ll make sure to review all of the closing documents and schedule our final walkthrough. Utilities need to be transferred at this point and info for disbursement of funds will be extended to all parties. This is the when we celebrate! Our escrow officers do an incredible job of walking you through the signing process and make sure that everything is funded and recorded in a timely manner!

We’ve been honored to work with a lot of out-of-state clients lately that are either moving here to our beautiful state or looking to invest in our strong economy. Though it’s a bit different process, we’re never hesitant to take it on. We’re grateful for technology and the use of FaceTime and simply video through our phones to be able to showcase properties to our clients. We’ve been able to work many transactions start to finish without the buyer stepping foot in the home, and they’re never disappointed. Sometimes that just means we’re doing a bit more of the digging in person!

As you can see below, a few of our clients we’re extremely pleased with our work. We helped both of these clients sell and buy at once and were able to arrange contractor meetings as well as negotiating the appropriate repairs and remediations for the sale and purchase.










What agent do you know that climbs on roofs, crawls into the crawlspaces and even cleans your floors prior to you moving in? At Live • Work • Play, that’s what we’re all about! We never want to be seen as just your typical ‘paper-pushers’ that don’t know how to get down and dirty once in awhile. We LOVE what we do and are extremely grateful for our clients that work with us and give us these opportunities. Let us go to work for you!

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