WORK • J. Thompson Workshop

What happens when someone calls and says they need a shop with 3-Phase power, a yard, overhead doors and adequate space? Well, 99.9% of the time, we deliver. In this case, we delivered to some of the coolest, most skilled carpenters in town. Meet J. Thompson Workshop. They are furniture makers dedicated to bringing to life […]

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WORK • Denials Management

Location: 4424 S 700 E Ste 200 Thoughts: You’re probably going to need healthcare eventually. It’s just part of life. Many people get through the healthcare system without much of a hiccup, but what happens when your insurer declines to pay for the care that you need? In comes Denials Management, they’ve been in this game for decades. Denials Management advocates for sick and injured patients who’ve had […]

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WORK • Underbelly Creative

THOUGHTS: What kind of space do you give to someone who describes themselves as artists and craftsmen? A dang cool one…. One of our favorite work spaces we’ve found was for our friends over atUnderbelly Creative. These guys specialize in User Experience, Branding, and Development and have clients ranging from Motorcycle Enthusiasts to Dentists. They pride themselves in their […]

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